Mobilizing Socioeconomic and Health Data Collection for Better Patient, Provider
and Payer Outcomes

HealthCHEC Technologies is a population health data analytics company focused on socioeconomic factors and their relation to health and outcomes.

We use a high-touch/high-tech approach to engage residents directly and collect data on their health behaviors, physical environment, social and economic status. This data is analyzed for deeper insight into non-clinical factors that affect the health and outcomes of individuals and populations. Our analytics help to identify measures of intervention and prevention at the social level and strengthen the collaborative efforts between health care systems and social services providers.

We utilize an outreach model where we mobilize and empower Community Health Workers with innovative mobile technology -- to reconnect disengaged patients with healthcare and human service providers.

Ultimately, our actionable data analytics and outreach activities help to curtail care costs and improve care coordination and compliance measures.
The CTL MethodTM 

Creating a Transparent Dialogue between Underserved Patients and Healthcare & Human Service Organizations to Increase Learning and Improve Outcomes

The CTL Method translates into: CONNECTING patients and providers, and using TECHNOLOGY for LEARNING. It's an outreach engagement model that combines “high-touch” and “high-tech” approaches to collect social determinants of health (SDOH) data from patients outside of the clinal setting. This new service delivery model is rooted in a desire to provide evidence-based knowledge and learning to the network of stakeholders that support the health and human service needs of underserved patients.  





We hire and train community health workers (CHWs) from the communities we serve to improve patient-provider relationships.

Our Community Health Workers:
  • Use a specialized mobile app to locate and connect disengaged patients to providers
  • Use mobile data gathering technology to collect biopsychosocial data for analysis
  • Provide a culturally sensitive care environment for residents/patients
At the center of our technological capabilities is our ability to use a high-touch method to collect patient participatory data with our mobile app.

Once collected the data automatically uploads to our encrypted data sanctuary to ensure data integrity. Then it is collated with prior patient care delivery and performance data for a broader viewpoint of analysis. 

Our mobile app HealthCHEC OutreachTM will be available for testing in winter 2017.

If you’d like to learn more, please request a demo.
​Through innovative data gathering, data analytics and evidence-based research learnings, we help our clients improve their:
  • Patient care delivery process
  • Clinical and quality outcomes
  • Resource utilization
  • Financial performance