We are a new generation population health data analytics company bringing Community Health Workers, Health & Human Service Organizations, and Patients together in a new outreach model with significant outcomes for everyone.
For years Medicaid has been faced with the issue of a significant portion of members who are minorities and rural residents becoming disconnected from their health plans and primary care physicians for extended periods of time, thus contributing significantly to health disparities. This also costs Medicaid and managed care organizations millions of dollars in long term care for preventable illnesses and non-compliance with federal guidelines.

The CTL Method™ approach is a uniform process for how HealthCHEC connects with residents, collects and analyzes data, and makes evidence based, data-driven coordinated care recommendations.

Our mission is to be the bridge that connects the gaps that currently separate Medicaid members from health plans, providers and community resources that will improve their health outcomes and quality of life, and reduce healthcare costs.
Our Beginnings:
As residents of the Westside neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia for nearly 10 years, and as a community organizer interested in reducing health disparities, I was often in contact with Medicaid members who weren't in contact with their health plans or primary care providers. My wife Sasha Green was a compliance Auditor for the State's Medicaid managed care organizations (MCO). She was able to identify deficiencies in the MCO's ability to maintain communication with a large portion of their enrolled members. After comparing notes, assessing the opportunity, and conducting feasibility studies, we decided that this problem of disengagement was worth solving, and HealthCHEC Technologies™ was created.

-- Bobby Green, Co-founder & CEO
Meet the Team
  1. Co-founder & COO
    Co-founder & COO
    Sasha Green
    Sasha is a social entrepreneur with over 15 years of human service experience and organizational management, strategic development and planning, and building high-performance teams.
  2. Co-founder & CEO
    Co-founder & CEO
    Bobby Green
    Bobby is a social entrepreneur, community organizer and decorated Persian Gulf War veteran, an inventor and innovative team leader and motivator, with strong partnership building skills.
  3. Co-founder & CPO
    Co-founder & CPO
    Will Anderson
    Will is a product innovator of digital solutions, and a Lean Startup adviser and practitioner, with two decades of experience bringing emerging technology-based innovations to market.