Community Health Workers

We Mobilize and Empower Community Health Workers with Innovative Tools to Reconnect Disengaged Patients with Healthcare and Human Service Providers.

Community health workers (CHW) using traditional workflow processes are struggling to keep pace with today's complex health and human service environment. They are burdened by outdated and inefficient modes of locating, engaging and connecting hard-to-reach enrolled members with the right primary care and human service providers.
Our innovative mobile app enables CHWs to leverage the power of location based GPS, scheduling and database management capabilities. With HealthCHEC Outreach, CHWs will be able to perform in-the-field outreach activities more effectively and efficiently using state-of-the-art mobile devices and software. The concept for a mobile technology intervention was guided by a need to evolve the outreach model to a high-touch/hi-tech one based on interviews we conducted with CHWs. HealthCHEC Outreach will be available for testing starting in winter 2017/2018. If you’d like to learn more, please request a demo .

Interested in learning how mobile technology can improve work performance and enhance career opportunities? Stay up to date on HCT developments! Join us in creating the future of community healthcare outreach.

What is High-Touch?

What is High-Tech?

“High-touch” activities include both conventional and non-conventional “feet on the street” canvassing techniques for engaging members within their communities.
“High-tech” activities involve converging mobile, GPS, security, scheduling, surveying, “DemoBioPsychoSocial” information and cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant database capabilities into solutions that will create valuable benefits for healthcare stakeholders.

The CTL MethodTM and HealthCHEC OutreachTM empowers community health workers to:

    + Conduct outreach more effectively and efficiently using our new generation mobile app. + Spend less time on administrative tasks. + Access up-to-date organizational procedures. + Access our active network of providers and human services partners for referrals.
    + Receive essential training and effective supervision. + Receive unparalleled access to community health industry related information. + Participate directly in the revolution of the Community Health Worker profession.

Join us in creating the future of community healthcare outreach.