Primary Healthcare &
Human Service Providers

We Help Healthcare and Human Service Providers to Improve Patient-Provider Relations and Better Coordinate Patient Care from a DemoBioPsychoSocial Aspect for Healthier Outcomes.

Many disengaged members go untreated for prolong periods often developing chronic and acute conditions due to unmet health-related social needs. This often leads to long-term treatment and higher care costs.
HealthCHEC's use of cutting-edge mobile technology and a pre-screened provider network allows for our CHWs to locate members, assess their current health status and health-related social needs, and connect them with nearby health providers and the appropriate community resources.

Interested in our engagement model and mobile app innovations, and improving care coordination and patient outcomes? Stay up to date on HCT developments! Join us in creating the future of community healthcare outreach.

What is High-Touch?

What is High-Tech?

“High-touch” activities include both conventional and non-conventional “feet on the street” canvassing techniques for engaging members within their communities.
“High-tech” activities involve converging mobile, GPS, security, scheduling, surveying, “DemoBioPsychoSocial” information and cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant database capabilities into solutions that will create valuable benefits for healthcare stakeholders.

The CTL MethodTM and HealthCHEC OutreachTM enables primary healthcare and human service providers to:

    + Strengthen patient-provider relationship to improve continuity of care. + Address health-related social needs through community resources. + Improve referral service through an active up-to-date network and integrated technology.

Join us in creating the future of community healthcare outreach.